Must See Landmarks In Washington DC

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The landmarks that you will be able to see when you arrive in Washington DC are some of the most unique in the United States. There are magnificent buildings and structures, ones that will impress generally anyone, and they are linked directly to the history of the US. It is highly recommended that you visit DC during the warmer months. It is also a good idea to go in there is good weather. Many of the monuments are best viewed either during the day or evening when there are very few clouds in order to get the best effect.

Which One Should You See First?

The Washington Monument is one that you will definitely be able to see the moment that you get into DC. This towering 555 foot monument is hard to miss, and it will literally direct you to other important areas of DC which will include the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. It is a good idea to get a tour if possible so you can learn more about it, who built it, and how long it took. Once you’re done there, you should see another piece of architecture which is not necessarily in reference to American history.

St. John Paul II National Shrine

If you are a Catholic, or if you are not, you will be impressed with this shrine. It is a sacred and religious site, commemorating the life and work of one of the great popes, specifically John Paul II. The work that he did, and his memory, are immortalized in this shrine which is very well designed. You should go there just to see the incredible work that was done to preserve the memory of this pope.

Senate And House Office Buildings

Finally, head over to the Senate and House office buildings. This is where the United States House and Senate do their work. You may even get to see some of the politicians that you have seen on television going back and forth within this area. It is part of our nation’s capitol. You can take pictures, and then once you are done, head back down the Capitol Mall, walking past the Washington Monument, all the way to the Lincoln Memorial.

DC is a beautiful place that you will certainly want to see again. It has so much to offer. If you are deciding to live there, or even if you just want to stay a few weeks, you will see why so many people enjoy this destination.